Why this Summit?  Why now?

The four of us have all been addicted to storytelling for as long as we can remember. We’ve known story as:

  • a magnificent escape and a way to learn
  • a way to travel the world from home
  • a connector and an inspiration
  • a way to get people out of their heads and into conversation
  • a way to touch the heart and galvanise the hands. 

We’ve used stories with individuals and groups, in community and in the workplace, in person and online. We’ve created them, worked with them, encouraged them, coached with them and made our livelihood with them.

Along the way we found each other and began an ongoing inquiry about how story is working -- and being worked with -- in the world.  Together we felt it was time for a larger conversation among practitioners and story affectionados.

Some time ago we started to get concerned about the story around story. Then 2017 came along and we found ourselves in a world using terms like “alternative facts” and “fake news”. We could see that story was being used for influence, but to what end? When story is only being used as a tool or product, when people become simply passive consumers of story, then what? As we found this most-human capacity being manipulated to bring about division, we began to ask ourselves: What is the future story of story?


As Yeats wrote in 1919, 'the centre cannot hold.' We are in an age that demands a new dialogue, a new story, a new future.


We could also see that there are so many story practitioners around the world now, but often people know very little about what others are doing. We wanted to connect the larger story community and create a space for inspiration, conversation, and co-learning. We wanted to offer a place where people working with and interested in story could connect with other like-minded change makers from all around the world. We decided to offer a three week online summit filled with dialogue, inspiration, and ideas we can all put to work right away to “story the future.” 

The Story The Future Summit was born.