Story the Future

Why Story the Future?

Humans live in a world of stories. We use stories to make sense and meaning of the world. And in a very real sense, these stories create the reality we live in.


Today it seems like our story is a dark one. 

You’ve probably seen it too: conflict and power imbalances everywhere. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of violence. We have toxic workplaces we don’t talk about. We are afraid of others who are different to us. We’re worried if there is “enough” to go around. What will be the world we leave for our children?

But does it have to be that way?


All of us need to take responsibility.

If storytelling is a basic human gift, and the stories we tell are creating our future, then it’s up to us to become more aware and intentional about the stories we are telling and listening to, and the future we’re creating together.

It’s too important to leave to politicians, business leaders, and the world of the media and advertising to create for us.

Together, we create the story.


Story the Future is a conversation.

It’s an inquiry. It’s an opportunity to look at what’s going wrong and our dreams of what could go right. It’s a campfire where we can come together and share what we think of the present, and tell stories about the future we want.

How do all of us -- as storytellers, story-lovers, and people who work with story -- increase our awareness and our agency?

Join us for Story the Future and find out.


Learn more about how stories make real-world impact.  Deepen your practice.

Through participating in STORY THE FUTURE, you'll receive tools, perspectives, and ideas for stories and actions that really matter. Our vision is that everyone who joins the Story the Future tribe will experience: 



CONNECT WITH OTHERS IN THE FIELD. Find a community of practice around story all over the world. Meet new colleagues and mates.



BE STIMULATED BY NEW WAYS OF LOOKING AT STORY & STORYWORK, Discover new ideas about what story can do.



DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE. Learn about new facets and new ideas of how to work with story. Meet the practitioners moving the edges.



HELP SHAPE THE CONVERSATION. The future needs many stories and many storytellers. Join the Story the Future tribe and add your voice!


Meet Your Hosts

STORY THE FUTURE brings together the world’s foremost practitioners of story and narrative-based change to offer access to people everywhere who want to learn. It came from the minds and hearts of four story practitioners who wanted to offer a place where people could meet, exchange practice and ideas and understand their own agency around story. Read more about us and why we’re excited about Story The Future below.


Mary Alice Arthur

Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist, working around the world using Story to help make positive systemic shift and for applying collective intelligence to the critical issues of our times.



David Drake

Dr David Drake founded the field of narrative coaching and has taught coaching skills to over 15,000 leaders, managers and professionals in twenty countries.



David Hutchens

David Hutchens has been exploring the intersection of narrative, leadership, and complex systems change for more than 20 years and is the author of “Circle of the 9 Muses.”



Amy Lenzo

Amy Lenzo has been actively in hosting online engagements for over 20 years, working with some of the most influential writers, thinkers, and social entrepreneurs of our time.


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