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Each of your Story the Future hosts is doing great work both together and separately in their own spheres of influence. From time to time we will bring you other offerings to strengthen your personal and narrative practice. We hope these creative sparks support you to fuel your fire and enliven your work.

Is it time for a new chapter in your story?

What if 2019 were your best year yet – a time when everything comes together, when your passion and purpose ignites, when you have the courage to shine and manifest all you can imagine for yourself?

Mary Alice and Amy are co-hosting IMAGINE 2019, an 8 day online adventure which aims to support you in creating a powerful next chapter in your life story.

IMAGINE will give you tools to ignite your purpose, create your vision and live your possibilities and potential. We invite you to join us as we step into the new year together - clear, resourced, and with a circle of allies and supporters at our backs.

This is the ideal moment to give yourself the gift of time and intention. Use the alchemy of the season to put a strong foundation under your dreams. And access the power of community to strengthen your resolve, open the doorway, and illuminate the way forward.

Give yourself the gift of YOU time. By using the code STF2019, you will receive a significant discount on registration. (IMAGINE 2019 is also an excellent gift for people you care about!) This offer is valid through the end of March, 2019.

Join us for IMAGINE 2019! 

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