Cathrine Gyldensted

In 2008 something happened that changed the trajectory of my professional life,  - in hindsight you could say, it´s changed my whole life.

That year I met a homeless woman in a shelter in Washington DC, who opened my eyes to the blind angles, we news reporters have. Our negativity bias and non-knowledge of the positives in this world result in over-reporting on The Disease Model of the World - rather than being accurate portrayers of what is happening in the world.

You´ll hear me tell the story of how that homeless woman opened my eyes, -and hence put me on the path as one of the founders of Constructive Journalistic Methods,  a growing domain for news media and newsrooms across Europe and Scandinavia. Currently, we are +180 media professionals and newsrooms working with this domain.

We work with 6 elements:

  • Solutions focus.  Add a solution-oriented framing of news. Take coverage further.

  • What Now? Convey a productive perspective about the future, and about our ability to get there.

  • Non-Polarized:  Steer away from polarized, black/white, stereotyping created by media.

  • Enhanced Interviewing:     Ask other questions to power, so-called victims, and experts. About resources, collaborations, common ground, and solutions)

  • “Factfulness”:  Use data to create infographics, explaining the news. Are we looking at progress or setback? Inspired by Hans Rosling

  • “Engage & Co-Create”:  Engage and empower the public. Co-create with the citizenry. Creates a relationship and possible stronger trustworthiness

Our website is open source and free.