Helle Solvang

As a journalist at the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation, DR, for 20 years Helle staged and hosted conversations with numerous talented and visionary writers, activists, artists, projectmakers, CEOs and changemakers with a strong vision for the future.  As a host at 'Sproglaboratoriet' (The language laboratory) at DR from 2011-2017 she investigated into the potential and ways of making positive changes in our relations and hence in the world though the questions we are asking and the words we are using. 

Outside the DR, she has been engaging people in meaningfull and stratetic conversations across gender, age, culture, nationality and profession. She has held leadership in co-creating teams of activists, changemakers and storytellers within democracy-development and sustainable living and growing.  She is a keen practitioner in the worldwide network 'The Art of Hosting conversations that matter' - a network for all who aspire to learn and find new ways of living and working with others to create innovative and comprehensive solutions based on harvesting collective intelligence. A process-oriented interpersonal learning technique which is partly inspired by the Danish Folk Highschool tradition in which she is deeply rooted.