Kevin Cordi

Kevin Cordi is an international story mediator.  He advocates that storytelling, especially the Story Making process can be and should be a communal process.  We learn a great deal when we work together.  He holds a Ph.D. in Storytelling and Education from The Ohio State University but also credits a great deal of his appreciation for narrative from  being raised on Appalachian stories listening to his parents in West Virginia.  He has presented and/or performed in over 43 states, England, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Ireland, and most recently, Qatar.  

According to the National Storytelling Network, he served as “the first full time high school storytelling teacher in the United States.  He advocates a new form of storytelling drawing on process drama and improvisation he calls “Ensemble Storytelling.”  His work has been commissioned by the J. F. Kennedy Center and the International Storytelling Conference. He currently serves on the National Advisory Board for Teaching Tolerance and works full time as an Assistant Professor at Ohio Northern University.

He is the author of Playing with Stories: Story Crafting for Writers, Teachers, and Other Imaginative Thinkers (Parkhurst Brothers, 2014), Co-author of Raising Voices: Creating Youth Storytelling Troupes and Groups (Libraries Unlimited, 2003) and in 2019 You Don’t Know Jack: A Storyteller Goes to School  (University of Mississippi Press, 2019).   He strongly advocates that storytelling is a powerful pedagogy for teaching and learning.  His legacy for over 25 years is to deliver the impact found in crafting, telling, and listening to told narratives.  

You can find him at twitter at @KevinCordi.