Stephen Sillett

Stephen Sillett is co-executive director of A.D.C.I.D. (Aiding Dramatic Change in Development), and helps the organization research, facilitate and direct dialogue, drama and art processes for healing and community development. Research interests include the facilitation of non-verbal and spatial meaning-making practices within group workshop and the creation of interactive performance. He directs Creative Fusion Sessions where theatre artists, therapists, scientists and social practitioners explore spatial approaches to exploration and discovery. He has started a Practice-based PhD: Psychological perspectives on professional practice. Looking at how community engagement techniques that are deeply meaningful to participants, can increase their capacity to empower themselves and provide insights that can help shape service planning and development. His particular focus is on the experiences of participants in the processes he developed of Socio-Drama Topography and InFusion Space Modelling. The connector that holds this work together, and enables change is story.