Yannis Angelis

Yannis is a Facilitator, Coach and Narrative Futurist. He is the Co-Founder of BEYOND STORYTELLING, a global network of experts who work with the narrative approach as a transformation elixir for organizations. His latest experiment is the Disruptive Story-work method a story-based approach, which supports people to become resilient and turn disruption into an opportunity for creative thinking, innovation and efficient collaboration in fuzzy and complex environments.

He is the Co-author of the "Beyond Storytelling", a book which demonstrates how to work with stories in organizations, communities and as an individual. He has also designed the “Lov-e & Car-e-osity™” model, a story-harvesting oriented process mainly for e-learning development. He is also a member of the core team of the Social Project “Stories for Europe”, an experiment to revitalize and co-create stories about the future of Europe.

Get connected with Yannis on Twitter @YannisAngelisand @beyondstorytelland LinkedIn @Yannis Angelis