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Welcome to our STF Learning Encounter!

Ready to get going? The learning is about to start! We encourage you to get clear about your intention and your learning focus because we’re serious about offering highly practical methods and advice you can put to work immediately.

Our theme for this Learning Encounter is STORYMAKING & STORYSHAPING FOR A DIVIDED WORLD.


Every Monday and Tuesday new content will be posted. You’ll be able to access all speaker interviews both as video and audio. Both will remain accessible for the week the interview is posted.  


Each week two workshops will be offered you can join live on Zoom. Each workshop will last for two hours. If you can’t join in, don’t worry — recordings will be posted from the day after the workshop, and will be available to view until 30 March. You can purchase sessions individual or buy the All-Access Pass.

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Why a Learning Encounter?

The most important thing you can do to become a solid narrative practitioner is to strengthen your practice. In this video, your Hosts talk about the genesis of the STF Learning Encounter and walk you through the map of our three weeks — and three waves — of story practice. We talk about the map — and the territory — of narrative change work.

Week One

Self as Instrument — Working with your own story

Working with story begins close to home — with YOU. The more you know about the stories that influence you and how you interact with life, the stronger your foundation. This week you will learn how to:

  • Continue to work with your own story, and discover how it strengthens your foundation for success

  • Become aware of the stories that shape your worldview and agency

  • Reframe your stories to show up with presence and self-awareness

  • Find new stories that surface new dimensions of who you are


Week One: Interviews

Click on the speaker image or name to access the material.

Week One: Live Event, January 27

As long as we share our stories, as long as our stories reveal our strengths and vulnerabilities to each other, we reinvigorate our understanding and tolerance for the little quirks of personality that in other circu.jpg

StoryMaking & StoryShaping in a Divided World

An Open Conversation  / Hosted by Mary Alice Arthur, David Hutchens & Amy Lenzo

Join us for a highly participatory, cutting-edge story conversation on Sunday January 27. We all know of something that something needs to change. Maybe that's in your own personal story.  Maybe there's a community issue, or maybe you want to aim even bigger. How do you be a StoryMaker or a StoryShaper in a world as divided as ours currently seems to be?

Join the Story the Future Hosting Team and our speakers to talk about the little -- and not so little -- things that make a big difference.  The inner -- and outer -- orientations and paradigm shifts the help you take back the power of your — and our — story. During this live event you'll have the opportunity engage with the questions on your heart and mind, then break into a small group with colleagues from around the world to take your conversation deeper. 

This Live Event takes place from 10:00 - 12:00 PST/1:00 - 3:00 pm EST/19:00 - 21:00 CET. This is where we build our community and our conversation in real time.

If you are registered for the Learning Encounter, you will automatically get the access details.

Workshops & the STF Archives

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Week Two

Working with story to create community and engagement

Stories are fundamental in creating community. They also can create division. Learning to be skilful around the stories in groups, organisations, and communities of all types is an important part of your narrative practice work. This week you will learn how to:

  • Apply story to support community understanding and engagement

  • Exercise basic skills for working with story in groups or systems

  • Connect narrative to the work of: creating knowledge; developing identity; and engaging people to act


Week Two: Interviews

Click on the speaker image or name to access the material.


Week Three

Working with story for deep transformation

There are many of us who feel called to systemic work. This might be around what might be called “intractable issues” or by some people “wicked problems”. Story work can support groups stuck in a prevailing paradigm to see new ways to understand core issues or bridge the divides. This week we will be focusing on:

  • How stories impact the future possibilities of systems and societies

  • How to design for lasting, sustainable change and insights for keeping the work aliv

  • Practical tools for engaging story-based transformation


Week Three: Interviews

Bonus Material

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